Castles, palaces, and ghosts

A journey back to the Middle Ages

Three easily-to-reach castles in the Lungau region are waiting to take you on a journey back to the Middle Ages.

The Lungau region is a uniquely important treasure of art and history, in the midst of this fascinating world of mountains. Castles and palaces preserve many historical and compelling aspects of the Middle Ages. Dating back to the time of the Romans, a central north-south trade route led over the Hohe Tauern and past today’s Lungau region. Nowadays, Moosham and Mauterndorf Castles both await you with an exciting trip back to the late Middle Ages. You will get personally acquainted with the lord of the castle, Archbishop Leonhard von Keutschach, and his entourage. And be sure to visit the creepy torture chamber!

  • Moosham Castle: To this day, Moosham Castle remains a private possession and offers a comprehensive exhibition of interesting historical objects, including the most gruesome memories of the torture chamber from those dark days of the Middle Ages.
  • Mauterndorf Castle: The archbishop of Salzburg had Mauterndorf Castle constructed in the 13th century at the site of the former toll station. It’s role was to protect the market community.
  • Mauterndorf Medieval Festival: Every year in the summer, Mauterndorf transports itself back to the Middle Ages.
  • Finstergrün Castle: A castle, rebuilt in 1908 in the style of the 13th century by Baroness Szápáry and her husband, which is deceptively similar to an old-fashioned knightly castle.
  • Thurnschall Ruins in Lessach
  • Klauseck Ruins in Seetal

Numerous museums, self-guided trails about mining and other themes, historic monuments that bear testimony to the past, all of them deepening our insight into the history of the Lungau region surrounding the Samerhof, with its many castles, palaces, and ghosts.