Definitely not yesterday’s news: the past of the Lungau region

Museums in the Lungau region shed light on the interesting and rich history of the Lungau region.

Recreation comes in many different forms during a vacation in the Lungau region. Museums and monuments, telling of old customs, historical life, and the region’s past, but also embracing present and the future of the wonderful Lungau region, are by all means worth a visit. Don’t forget your camera!

  • Silent Night Museum, Mariapfarr
  • Pilgrimage Museum, Mariapfarr
  • Silver Mine, Ramingstein
  • Bundschuh Smelter and Blast Furnace Museum
  • Lungau Folk-Heritage Museum, Mauterndorf
  • Kodak Camera History Museum
  • Pounding Mill in Mauterndorf
  • Lungau Museum of Local History, Tamsweg
  • Trattner Mill, St. Margarethen
  • Maurerhaus historic farm in Zederhaus

The museums and monuments tell part of the story of the Lungau region, while our self-guided trails tell of yet another part.

  • Bee Trail in Göriach
  • Ore Trail in Ramingstein
  • Marsh Trail along the Prebersee
  • Mill Path in Zederhaus
  • Trail of Legend in Tamsweg
  • Sun Trail in Mariapfarr
  • Culture Trail Tamsweg
  • Lungau Forest Trail
  • Water Way, Leisnitz
  • Lungau Cultural Hiking Path